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Our Renowned Chef

With over 10 years of experience under the toque, our Chef has always worked to give his unique culinary experience, delighting you with his unique dishes.

Focusing on using fresh, local ingredients, our Chef made the World of genuine Cuisine, extremely fun and accessible.

Enjoy our delicious Menu, with dishes prepared by one of the greatest Food connoisseurs in Italy...


The restaurant of the Scoglio delle Sirene

The Restaurant of the Scoglio delle Sirene offers a welcoming inside dining hall, a well-lit veranda and two splendid terraces embraced by the sea.


The Cuisine is based on traditional Mediterranean flavours specializing in fresh fish and seasonal vegetables, mouth-watering poached bream, shell fish and seafood delicacies, scorpion fish soup with cherry tomatoes, eggplant balls and the incomparable Ravioli Capresi filled with caciotta and parmesan cheese.

Our beach resort offers our clients Bar-Restaurant service directly on board their boat.

Patrons of the restaurant may moor their boat inside our authorised mooring area and take advantage of complimentary transfer to and from the restaurant.

The restaurant 'Lo Scoglio delle Sirene' is open for lunch April through October. Reservations are appreciated.

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